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Our classes are specially designed to help our students when traveling in France

Catherine Thorpe
is a native Parisian born just a block away from Sacre Coeur. She has a graduate degree in English from the Sorbonne University so she speaks perfect English. Her classes will help you have the most authentic experiences in La Belle France.

Classes Designed For Genuine French Experiences
Catherine's teaching method is designed to take you into the heart of France with an authentic French ambience,



"One of the highlights of our trip to France was the personal interaction with Catherine and her genuine interest in our desires. She made France come alive for us."
B. Hargreaves

"I felt like I was seeing the France I had always envisioned because of Catherine's careful attention to the details of French that made our trip enjoyable."
-- N. Nitchman

 Home  :  Classes  :  About  : Tutoring  :  Travel  :  Socials  :  Contact  

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